When it comes to diet, why do we wait for New Years and what’s the most sustainable?

MIDWEST-Most people start thinking about going on a diet around this time of year.  A lot of people get motivated by January 1, New Years day! The time for resolution,  for promises, new beginnings, Bowl games and busy fitness centers.  This is the year, right? How long is your plan going to last? Why are all the fitness centers elbow to elbow in January and ghost towns in February?

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Why is New Years day so popular for starting a diet?  Could it just be how the mind is wired, maybe we’re drawn to the number 1…Could it be the first month and first day of a new year? Why can’t we start a diet on November 10th or December 3rd? Probably because our minds are not adapted to starting something at the end of a duration, i.e.– the end of the calendar year.

Diet is torture for most and unsustainable, It’s long and tedious, and takes too much effort. What about changing the perception of diet? Instead of saying I’m going on a diet, how about I’m changing my diet? Sounds a little more sustainable, right?

There are so many diet plans out there today, but what’s the most sustainable? Let’s face it, if diet becomes too much work, like counting calories, portioning your food or tracking point systems…your setting yourself up for failure.

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I use the word sustainable often when it comes lifestyle.  I truly believe, if what your doing is not sustainable long term, than it’s temporary or moderate, probably not what your looking for in your life.

So what do I recommend? 

I recommend a plant-based diet and or intermittent fasting.  I wouldn’t recommend a product or a lifestyle if I didn’t use it or follow it myself and for me, I do both. This lifestyle for me has been the most sustainable way for me to keep my weight in the normal range, without stress and with ease.

Are you planning that typical New Years resolution to lose weight this year?  Look into both a plant-based diet and intermittent fasting.  This is the year, take control of your life, lose that weight, feel healthy without the gimmicky diet and create a sustainable lifestyle.

What do you have to lose, other than 5-10 lbs in your first month! Stay committed and trust the process, make dieting a lifestyle and you will find success. Good luck…

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