Will e-commerce take over the grocery market?

Despite the explosion in online shopping across the U.S. We are still going to the grocery stores.  Why you ask? Because of freshness and we want to put our eyes and hands on certain products before we buy it.  We should be cautious of what we put in our bodies, right?  Do you want to buy your broccoli on-line? Not knowing what Joe shmow picked out for you? Probably not a confident feeling, right?

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Although e-commerce represents just 4% of grocery sales today, it accounts for nearly one-third of total growth.  Americans are increasingly heading online to shop for nonperishable, household items and pet products, making the concept of stock up grocery trips a thing of the past for many shoppers.

E-commerce proof- fresh retail grocery stores, success hasn’t come from necessarily carrying more (or fewer) items, but from having the right items, fresh, refrigerated or frozen.

Today’s consumers value health-conscious food options, and top performing fresh retailers have responded by featuring nearly three times as many different plant-based meat alternative offerings as lesser performers—a savvy move, considering nearly 60% of U.S. consumers value dietary balance between animal and plant foods.

While it doesn’t take much effort to purchase a box of healthy snack bars online, it’s important to remember that produce purchasing remains a personal experience, a gamble, but personal.

I just remember Seinfeld saying,” fruit is a gamble, I know that going in.” Too funny.

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Leading fresh retailers understand this, significantly outperforming lesser performers in avocados, tomatoes, apples, herbs and berries. These produce items in particular are ones where consumers look or feel to confirm freshness, when it comes to produce.

Across all U.S. retailers, avocado sales are up 8%, and vegetables are succeeding even more than fruit (up 4.9% in sales vs. a slight increase of 0.3% in sales for fruit). As a result, investing in a stronger vegetable supply chain is a smart business strategy.

So, we forge ahead and buy from all of our favorite e-commerce! and we all love it, including me.  One thing is for sure though–as far as I know you cant feel or smell your food from your phone.  So, at least for me and probably many others, we’ll stick to buying our fresh and frozen foods in person.



  1. I would never buy food online. I need to smell it like you say and i need to read the ingredients on it. Although I buy organic food and I don’t eat processed industrial food, sometimes I need one of the latter. Maybe I am not a reference in e-shopping, because I prefer to take a walk to the store and to see what I’m buying. It goes for clothes and shoes etc.. I rarely buy online. I think we lack human contacts more and more with online commerce. I was born in the 20th century, call me old fashioned

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