Looking for great Vegan restaurants in Indianapolis, check out our top 3

If you find yourself traveling through the “crossroads of America” and are looking for some fantastic Vegan food, check out my top (3) restaurants listed below.

Traditionally, Indiana food maybe best know for persimmon pudding, pork tenderloin sandwiches and sugar cream pie> fyi… all of these favorites can be made Vegan.

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Times are changing though!  Even in the meat centric part of America, the demand of vegan food is forcing most restaurants to upgrade their menu’s, if they want to stay competitive, as the vegan population grows within the state.

“We even noticed great vegan options at The Indiana State Fair! When you start seeing Vegan foods at state fairs, you know it’s for real.” This would even make Joe Dirt say “dang”

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Tinker Street Indy

Their menu changes with the seasons to take full advantage of the flavors of fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options are abundant, and clearly marked on the menu.  Uniquely, the restaurant hours are for dinner only, 5pm- 10pm and closed on Sunday’s.

Located at 16th and New Jersey. about 10 minutes from downtown Indianapolis.

My favorite on the menu



Vegan and vegetarian comfort food is the focus of this hip, all-day Fountain Square cafe and City Market counter, serving elevated takes on Midwestern classics, plus local craft beer and brunch cocktails. Both counter-serve locations are lively, while the larger Fountain Square outpost offers seating and airy, modern decor.

Located at the southern end of the historic City Market located in downtown Indianapolis, the original Three Carrots has been serving award-winning vegetarian and plant-based food since 2014. 

My favorite on the menu


Ezra's Enlightened Cafe

They are a dairy-free, processed sugar-free, GMO-free and gluten-free cafe. You will not find any animal products on their menu with the exception of raw local sustainably sourced honey.

They strive to be as close to 100% organic as possible (we follow the clean 15/dirty dozen standard when we cannot get all organic), meaning we use only organic to the best of our knowledge and we do not serve food that is genetically modified.

Located about 20 minutes North of downtown, Indianapolis.


My favorite on the menu

Berry Nice Smoothie

strawberry, blueberry, banana, Sun Warrior vanilla protein powder, coconut milk

Nacho Mama’s Bean Bowl $10.50

Slow cooked pinto beans, quinoa, local greens, sprouts, fermented veggies, avocado, pumpkin seed and our cashew nacho cheese


Locations of  Indianapolis area Vegan friendly restaurants

Other great locations for restaurants with Indiana- Check out the Lafayette, Bloomington, South Bend and Kokoma area’s as well. —Happy Cow




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