Do real men eat meat? Why do we still connect meat with masculinity?

Are some men still convinced that it is “manly” to be a meat eater?  There’s a culturally embedded myth that “meat is an integral aspect of masculinity.” This idea was famously explored by social scientist Carol Adams in her 1990 book, The Sexual Politics of Meat and unfortunately that still plays in society today.

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Have you ever noticed at a gathering, you glance over and see someone grilling? Well,  that person is likely to be a man and he’s probably not grilling zucchini, summer squash and veggie burgers, right?  This might not be what everyone sees, but let’s be honest, that’s what most of us see.

Have you ever wondered why grills are one of the most popular Father’s Day gifts? What about who gets to cut up the Thanksgiving Turkey? Are you starting to see the connection here.

 The University of Hawaii, it was found that men routinely incorporate more red meat into their diet as reassurance when they feel their masculinity is threatened.”

This kind of Meat Masculinity thought process is quickly changing, though.  No longer is it just masculine for a man to be checking out at the grocery store with a stack of steaks, racks of ribs and a family size pack of chicken for just one person.  It is more than masculine today to check out at the grocery store with a couple of blocks of tofu, bean burgers, almond milk and even some nutritional yeast! Ah yes… believe it.

You can finally come out now, you are a vegan, plantbase, vegetarian, veganish, flexatarian or whatever you want to label yourself. It’s okay, really it is, be proud of it, scream out your window and tell all your neighbors, tell all your family, even the weird Uncle, it’s okay…  You may even want to rock a new “Vegan Power Lifter Tank Top” with no shame,  just make sure the arms are looking good though or you may have to settle for a long sleeve.

What about sports, I can really show my masculinity by eating meat, right?

Well today, that’s not necessarily true.  Actually some of the most elite bodybuilders, UFC fighters, weightlifters, football players, basketball players, soccer players, track and formula one are vegan/plantbase, not meat eaters.  And, they are not just winning, they are dominating in their respective fields.  This kind of domination is galvanizing that vegan/plantbase diets are not holding athletes back in these traditionally masculine sports at all, they are in fact excelling and thriving. They are thriving so much that a lot of these athletes really don’t want this information to be know yet, because of their advantage in strength and recovery…


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So what is masculine today then?

How about caring for your health, your life and other lives around you. Today we are more knowledgeable than ever, we understand that meat consumption is one of the factors in destroying the planet, it contributes to the cruelty of animal lives, deforestation,  it’s giving humans cancer, heart disease and many other illnesses.

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So what’s it going to be?

Is it the old way of thinking for a man? You know the old Archie Bunkerdays or maybe just be comfortable in who you are and what you really believe in. Maybe order some tofu at a restaurant without saying it’s for your wife.  There’s a long way to go with this subject, but we’re making progress and that’s always better than regressing.

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