There Is Strength In Numbers

The numbers are eye opening. Just one person eating vegan for one day a week for one year, can have an unbelievable impact on our environment.  We all like numbers, right?  Seems like every day of our lives numbers are part of it.  Here are some numbers to think about.

This estimate is based on (1) day a week, for (52) weeks.

You will help avoid the death of about 60 animals, you will save 57,000 gallons of water from animal food production, and save the destruction of about 1500 square feet of forest, will save 1050 pounds of CO2, also saving the feeding of 2300 pounds of grain to animals that could feed communities in need.

From these numbers it’s easy to see that even one person adopting a vegan diet for just one day has a significant impact on our environment.  Our potential to do big things in this world are right there for us.  Just by adopting vegan meals, once a week, it’s that simple.

Involve your family in your day and watch those numbers grow.  Imagine what we could all do, if we adopted this plan in our lives.

There is the old saying in elections, every vote counts.  So that goes for this as well, every person’s decision to adopt a vegan day in their life, once a week, counts as well.  You’ll feel like you made a difference, just like you feel when you leave the ballot box.

The results are in the aggregate, you may not be able to see the effect today, but you will, in numbers and time.

Your decision to have a day a week free of all meat and dairy products is a positive step toward improving our environment, better health and saving animal lives.  Where is the negative here? Really not even an inconvenience today.

It’s never been easier to eat a vegan meal.  You maybe even closer than you think.  Just taking that extra step may get you to this goal.

There are so many vegan options. You may even like the food better.  You could take some of your favorite foods and just fauxa-fy it, sorry that’s probably not a word, but you get it.

Here is a suggestion for the one day a week plan.


Oatmeal, with fruit and nuts. Add some protein with some PB2 if you’re interested in that.


 Beyond Burger or Impossible Burger and whatever non-meat/dairy side you want.


 Vegan meat alternative or bean burrito’s- With peppers, onions, avocado, vegan cheese and salsa.  Add Spanish rice & beans or quinoa & beans for a side.

Sounds easy right? All of these foods can either be served at one of your local restaurants or one of your local grocery stores will carry these foods for home preparation.

Also, very likely your stubborn blood levels may start to creep back in to the normal ranges as well, another win!

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