The Mt. Rushmore of Plant-Base Proteins


Such a versatile food, it comes in a variety of ways. From least firm to most firm, the most common types of tofu are silken, soft, medium, firm, extra firm, and super firm. Non-silken tofu is also known as regular tofu. My favorite is baked firm tofu, diced. This will take any flavor you want it to be, I like mine over quinoa and vegetables  in a Buddha bowl.



The chickpea or chick pea is an annual legume, also called garbanzo. a widely cultivated plant, Cicer arietinum, of the legume family, bearing pods containing pea-like seeds. My favorite way to eat chickpeas is in burgers.

Blend chickpeas, add some kale, peppers and onions, oats, panko and finishing it with liquid aminos & black pepper.



Lentils are grouped with beans and peas as part of the legume family because, like all legumes, they grow in pods. Lentils are high in protein and fiber and low in fat. They’re also packed with folate, iron, phosphorus, potassium and fiber. My favorite way to eat lentils is in plant-base chili or soups.



Unripe, green soybeans that are steamed or boiled in their pods.

This is my snack food, I like getting these with sea salt.  A few handfuls once and a while works for me. The wasabi flavor is a close second.


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