Is What You Eat The Cause of Your Anxiety?

It may not be the case for everyone, but you can’t deny the link between gut health and mental health.  This was the case for my son.  He was 14 years old when he was diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder.  If you’re not familiar with GAD,  it’s basically characterized by persistent and excessive worry about a number of different things.

There weren’t really any signs leading up to his anxiety, except the occasional fears that kids have… We understood as parents that some anxiety was normal for kids, its part of growing up, but this was something different.

When our family decided to go completely plant base a couple of years ago, we all experienced fantastic improvements in our health and wellness. But there was one improvement in particular with our son, his anxiety started to decrease a little at a time. This was amazing to us, he was getting better, and he was able to do some normal kid things again, feeling happy, not as scared! The poor kid went through some tough/dark times, to say the least.  Life was getting better for him.

Now I’m not a Doctor, but with today’s easy access- information, otherwise known as the internet, we found some connection.  There was a connection to the food we eat and brain health.  According to Harvard Health: Your gut microbiome helps create neurotransmitters and metabolites that act on your brain. This has led to a wave of new studies investigating how the gut microbiome influences our brain.

Here we are today and I wouldn’t say his anxiety is over, he still has some days where he loses some battles, but it’s nowhere near what it used to be.  Transitioning to a plantbase diet helped our son combat his anxiety, we truly believe it and the science backs it up.  A plantbase diet may not help everyone with anxiety like it did our child, I wish it did, but it’s certainly worth trying.

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