Is Your Favorite Actor/Musician or Athlete Promoting the Vegan/Plant base Lifestyle?

I don’t watch television, movies or sports as much as I used to, but a lot of people do.  More than ever millions of people are connected to their favorite actors,musicians or athletes through social media.  It also seems like every day, there is someone new promoting or investing in the vegan/plant base product. The millions of followers are getting the message out that vegan/plant base life will improve your health, our planet and animal welfare.

These social media connections are so important today, with getting the vegan/plant base message out there to the public.

My oldest son is 16 years old and is a very good athlete and an avid sports fan and most importantly is a vegan like everyone in our family.  He loves it when he sees pro athletes or his favorite artist promoting the lifestyle on social media. His friends are starting to get the message as well and are asking questions.  Having the youth more aware of the vegan/plant base benefits is crucial to its growth and sustainability.

“The Game Changers” is out today, this will open doors for a lot more interest, as more people get to see this. Expect the vegan/plant base popularity to grow rapidly after today.

It’s not just the actors/musicians and athletes, getting the message out, but the bloggers and youtubers are getting this message out as well.  Getting more information to the public through social media is so important, the instant connectivity to millions is invaluable to the growing popularity of the vegan/plantbase lifestyle.


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